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Stephen Abbott


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Everyday Evangelism: Student’s Manual

Stephen Abbott


Student’s Manual, Revised Edition

A practical tool for training lay people to share their faith naturally and suitable for groups and individuals. Fear of evangelising is broken down as people gain confidence in talking out their faith in everyday situations.

Stephen Abbott is a Sydney Anglican minister and former Alfred Stanway Lecturer in Pastoral Ministry at Ridley College Melbourne. He has many years of local church experience. Formerly an evangelist and church growth consultant for the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, he has conducted extensive evangelism training in Australia, North America, UK and Indonesia, including seminars for young evangelistic leaders for Leighton Ford ministries. He is passionate about Christians and churches becoming more intentional and creative in their outreach. His enthusiasm and energy for life are contagious.

Everyday Evangelism has the advantage of combining good Bible knowledge with sound practice. Stephen Abbot has taught his course to hundreds of people and so it is both user-friendly and  has a known track record.

John Chapman, evangelist, Sydney, Australia

Having done the course, I see its practical value in the way it breaks down fears of evangelising: Christians involved in community playgroup settings feel excited rather than scared of evangelism.

Heather Karrasch, Coordinator of Early Childhood Ministries for the Baptist Union of Victoria, Australia

It is the strength of this book, as the title implies to see that the most effective evangelism is something that is done by ordinary believers in everyday ways and situations. I warmly commend Everyday Evangelism for three reasons: it is biblical, it is practical and it is natural.

Leighton Ford, evangelist, Charlotte NC, USA

Stephen Abbott’s Everyday Evangelism has been a wonderful tool for training ordinary lay people to share their faith in natural ways. I am delighted it is being fully revised and warmly commend it. There is nothing quite like this available, especially in an Australian context.

Paul Barker, Vicar of Holy Trinity Doncaster, Melbourne, Australia.

Everyday Evangelism is a wonderfully effective and practical training resource. It has helped many in our church face their fears, and realise they really can talk out their faith in everyday situations.

Richard Condie, Vicar of St Jude’s Carlton, Melbourne, Australia