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Jayakumar Christian


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God of the Empty-Handed: Poverty, Power and the Kingdom of God

Jayakumar Christian


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How can the Kingdom of God transform the powerlessness of the poor?

In this revised edition, Jayakumar Christian argues that in order to provide sustainable solutions to powerlessness, poverty and oppression, it is critical to challenge and redefine power from the perspective of the kingdom of God. Only when we realise that we are all ’empty-handed’ before God can broken relationships be restored.

This is an important book. Written by a deeply experienced and thoughtful practitioner, it is theologically deep and fundamentally sound in terms of its social science. This is a must-read for any Christian interested in working for transformation among the poor.
Dr Bryant L Myers
Professor of International Development, Fuller Theological Seminary

Jayakumar has worked among the poor for more than 30 years and demonstrates a profound personal relationship with ‘the God of the Empty-Handed’. This is a modern classic and this revised edition is a major contribution to development thinking and practice in the twenty-first century.
Revd Tim Costello
CEO, World Vision Australia

God of the Empty-Handed is the standard for a seamless integration of faith and thoughtful social engagement. The significance of this work has already been validated in its lasting impact and continued value in provoking a theologically grounded, missional imagination.
Chris Heuertz
International Director of Word Made Flesh

Out of Jayakumar’s keen intelligence and humble walk with the poor has come God of the Empty-Handed. This is a work destined to become a classic on how best to minister among the poor and a must-read for anyone who simply wants to learn more about God’s heart for the marginalised and what that might mean for his followers.
Richard Stearns
President, World Vision USA, and author of The Hole in our Gospel

Some books about poverty hold up one person’s experience as an example for everyone to follow – which is not very helpful. Others are written in ivory towers – and it shows. But this book is informed by personal experience, sustained biblical engagement, rigorous research, astute political and spiritual sensibility, and liberal doses of common sense and hope.
Dr Deborah Storie
Chairperson, TEAR Australia

A refreshingly holistic contribution to the analysis of poverty that compels us to listen to the perspective of the poor. The book is an excellent tool for those who are concerned about developing a more integral approach in addressing poverty.
C.B. Samuel
Chairperson, Micah Challenge India

Dr Jayakumar Christian is National Director of World Vision India. He and his family live in Chennai, India.