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Jane Hendtlass and Alan Nichols


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Media Ethics: ethics, law and accountability in the Australian media

Jane Hendtlass and Alan Nichols



For journalists, students and all who think about the role of the media and its ethics. Includes group case studies.


‘With their rapid technological changes, increasing pervasiveness, and focus on controversy and on the immediate, the media present a fast moving target, hard to pin down and examine. Alan Nichols and Jane Hendtlass have succeeded in doing so with great systematic skill, and have unearthed the pleasing answer for practitioners that yes, the media do have ethics. This book helps journalists and media consumers to think about what those ethics are – and should be.’ Rowan Callick, Asia-Pacific Editor of The Australian Financial Review, and winner of both the Walkley Award and the Graham Perkin (Australian Journalist of the Year) Award.


Dr Jane Hendtlass is a Melbourne barrister and consultant with a background in social research and policy development. She has a particular interest in health and legal ethics.


The Reverend Alan Nichols started his working life as a journalist with the Sydney Sun and The Sydney Morning Herald.He continued writing after theological training and ordination, and was for 8 years director of the Anglican Information Office in Sydney. In moving to Melbourne, he wrote a regular column in The Australian Financial Review in the 80s, and has written regularly for The Age. He has written a number of books on media and on ethics, notably The Communicators (Pilgrim, Sydney 1972), Making Babies: The Test Tube and Christian Ethics (with Trevor Hogan, Acorn, Canberra 1984), Reluctant Conscience (Dove, Blackburn 1984) and Life and Death Decisions (Acorn, Melbourne 1997). He is also a Senior Fellow in the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne.