Jim has been an Ambulance Officer, a High School Teacher, a Theology lecturer (8 years full time with Tabor Victoria), a training coordinator for Urban Neighbors of Hope (UNOH), and he currently works for ACCESS ministries, as a Regional Support Manager working with 60 school chaplains. Jim has a BA, with a double major in History, a DipEd, and a MTh with Honors. He helped establish the Casey multi-faith network and served as their first president. He is a well-known advocate for the full equality of women in the church and home. He is active politically and he loves to write.

Jim likes to spend time with his family, go bush, get in an occasional game of tenpin bowling, or watch a good movie.

Why Jim loves to write …

I love to write! It is not only a way of sharing your thoughts and research with countless other people, it is also a mechanism for taking your own thoughts further on any topic you write on. You find yourself compelled to reflect more, to think further, to dig deeper, to anticipate questions and problems, and to seek out solutions, as you write. Writing is not always putting down what you know … it might start out with that goal … but it is incredible how often what you actually know changes and grows simply because you are writing! What a rush! What a journey!