Jo Anne fulfilled a lifetime dream of becoming a medical missionary when she went to Somali Republic in 1960. She ran a hospital among Muslim people, where Christian witnessing led to the salvation and discipling of a few converts before she and others were expelled in 1972. Jo Anne moved to the mission headquarters in Ethiopia where she was responsible for care of the missionaries and their children at Bingham Academy.

Later, Jo Anne married an Australian, Bill Dennett, in 1973. You can read the full story in the book, Unusual Marriage, and learn how the Lord helped Jo Anne and Bill to adjust and have fruitful ministries together.

Why Jo Anne is passionate about writing …

My desire to write began with reading books that inspired and enhanced my Christian growth. I had experienced battles and joys, both as a single lady and married, and cross culturally, which gave me a broad base from which to write.

My first book was on biblical counselling of missionaries for encouragement and growth, a subject dear to me. Then, I became aware of the lack of resources for Third World Christians who were preparing for cross-cultural ministries. I wrote a book addressing the need, using basic English so it could be easily translated into other languages. The Lord has honoured that effort; it has been published in six major languages, besides English.

In retrospect, I have had a need-driven stimulus to write. The Lord lays an issue upon my heart, and I am prodded to share information I feel is relevant in dealing with it.