When you find an item that you wish to purchase, please click the ‘Add to cart’ button to the right-hand side of the item’s title, and it will be added to your shopping basket. Please see below for information about adding more items to your basket, deleting items from your basket, and changing the quantities of items in your basket.

When you’re ready to make your purchase, please click the ‘Check out’ button from your basket, and you will be led through the checkout process. You’ll be asked to enter this information:

  • Your Details
  • Delivery Details (you can have your order sent to someone other than yourself)
  • Delivery Method (you can enter special instructions for the delivery if you need to)
  • Payment Method

When you’ve entered this information, your order details will be displayed and you will be asked to confirm those details before your order is submitted to us. You can change any details at this point if you need to.

When you’re ready to place your order, simply click ‘Complete Purchase’ and you will be presented with a page displaying your order number. You’ll also receive an email with all your order details listed.