Can I return damaged or faulty books?2017-04-03T11:24:41+10:00

If you receive damaged or faulty books, please contact Bible Society Australia’s customer service team at customer.service@biblesociety.org.au.

If I purchase a book online are my personal details safe?2017-11-10T15:38:50+11:00

Our Privacy Policy can be found by clicking on the following link www.biblesociety.org.au/privacy-policy

How do I change the quantity of an item?2016-09-06T21:30:17+10:00

If you would like to increase or decrease the number of any item that’s in your basket, please change the number in the ‘Quantity’ box, and click ‘Update Quantity’.

How do I delete an item?2018-05-22T17:27:48+10:00

To remove an item from your basket, please click the ‘Remove’ button in the item’s details in your basket. To remove all the items from your basket click on the remove button for each item.

How do I add more items?2018-05-22T17:27:48+10:00

If you have items i