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‘My visit to this bookshop was little short of a revelation to me. I had no idea so much scholarship existed that investigated the very questions I had been asking.’  These words from economist and Acorn author Professor Ian Harper describe his first encounter with Christian books.

How much poorer would our lives be without the witness of Australian Christian books?

Acorn Press Ltd is one of Australia’s few remaining Christian publishing companies. Since its establishment in 1979 as a not-for-profit publisher it has produced Christian books with a uniquely Australian voice to meet the needs of Australian churches and society at large. Bishop John Wilson, one of the five founding members of Acorn, served as the Acorn Board Chair until his death in January 2011.

In the past 33 years Acorn has published a wide range of books on ethical issues, pastoral care, connecting across cultures and religions, Islam, evangelism, Bible studies, mission, women’s leadership and ministry, biographies, history and Christian theology. Acorn has successfully published books written from a Christian perspective, which would otherwise not have been produced. A current emphasis is on thoughtful and well-informed books which will also appeal to the general public.

Publishing, including religious publishing, is currently sailing through uncharted waters. New technology is transforming printing processes, and the growth in popularity of the internet has seen huge increases in eBook sales. In 2011, Amazon, the world’s largest seller of electronic books reported more books sold as eBooks than in traditional hard copy format. Publishing margins are suffering, bookshops are closing and Acorn Press is not immune to these pressures.

Acorn Press passionately believes in the need for relevant Christian books, in both paper and eBook formats, as part of God’s mission to our world.  We are seeking your help to expand our ability to fulfil this role.

We are inviting you to partner with Acorn as a sponsor and/or prayer partner. In 2011, the Board of Acorn Press decided to perpetuate Bishop John Wilson’s memory by establishing a Fund to honour his legacy to Australian Christian publishing. Publishing Christian books was something that John was incredibly passionate about. We would like you to share in this passion and help us to practically further John’s vision and strengthen Acorn’s position as a quality Christian publisher.

For details about how to contribute to the John W. Wilson Publishing Fund and how to become an Acorn Prayer Partner, download this form:

Supporting Acorn Press


Your gift and prayers are needed to continue and expand the role of Acorn Press in Australian Christian Book Publishing. We wish to continue to publish quality Australian books, study guides and other relevant material as paper books and eBooks at realistic prices, encourage Australian Christian authors and commission works on relevant subjects. Acorn Press will encourage increasing sales of our publications through effective web marketing as well as via traditional bookshops as a means of spreading the gospel and educating and encouraging individual Christians and local churches.


Bishop John Wilson had a lifelong passion for the teaching and learning ministries of the church. This was admirably expressed through his own work as a teacher, pastor and scholar, and particularly through his commitment to publishing and making accessible quality Christian literature, as one of the founders of Acorn Press. John’s own book Christianity alongside Islam, published shortly before his death, reflects both his scholarship over many years and his capacity to write in an accessible and engaging way. Securing the future of his beloved Acorn Press, through contributions to the John W. Wilson Publishing Fund, would be a fitting memorial to John’s outstanding service to the church and the wider community. I encourage you to support the Fund to ensure the continuation of John Wilson’s work and vision.
Archbishop Philip Aspinall Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia

This is the chance to honour John Wilson’s memory and strengthen Acorn Press to continue to be the vibrant Christian publisher that he worked tirelessly to make it.
The Most Reverend Philip Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne

Acorn Press titles deserve to be purchased because of their quality and need to be read if Australian voices are to be heard in an increasingly contested public square.
Bishop Tom Frame, Director, St Mark’s National Theological Centre:

Acorn Press needs to thrive so that considered Christian perspectives continue
to emerge and engage Christian and non-Christian Australians.
Lesley McGrath Woodley, former CMS missionary

Acorn Press has made a difference by educating people and expanding their mental and spiritual horizons. Its high-quality books inspire, inform, educate and encourage.
Rev Dr Peter Adam, Principal, Ridley Melbourne

I am pleased that Acorn Press exists, particularly in its emphasis on providing Christian books from local writers. I trust that its work will continue to be a blessing to many in Australia and beyond.
Dr Peter Jensen, Archbishop of Sydney

In all my dealings with Acorn Press I have found an exemplary level of professionalism, coupled with true Christian compassion and concern.
Jill McGilvray, Acorn author

The continuance and development of Acorn will not only be a tribute to John’s dedication and wisdom but a highly significant component in the overall impact of Christian thought in the Australian context. We all owe an ongoing debt to John and to Acorn.
The Right Reverend Harry Goodhew, former Archbishop of Sydney