A book that explores the relationship between Islam and Christianity has just been launched in Melbourne.

Titled ‘Islam and Christianity on the Edge: Talking Points in Christian-Muslim Relations into the 21st Centuryit contains a series of essays that explore these two great world faiths.

The book has been edited by two Christian scholars of Islam, one of whom, Professor Peter Riddell, teaches at the Melbourne School of Theology in Wantirna.

Topics address the theological foundations of both faiths, Islam’s encounter with the West and the varied relationships between Islam and Christianity.

Two of the essays explore Islamophobia in the West and Westophobia in the Islamic world.

Some may believe the fact that all contributors to the book are all Christians is a weakness. However, Peter Riddell said, ‘It is important that both Muslims and Christians discuss the relationship between the two faiths within their own communities.’

The book addresses key questions for the twenty-first century, a period when Christianity and Islam are destined to interact more closely than ever before in human history.

Contact Professor Peter Riddell on 03 9881 7800 for more details or interviews.