Talking about Ethics: Negotiating the Maze

Justin Denholm

Talking about Ethics springs from a passion to see Christians engaging in ethical conversations in a thoughtful and winsome way. Ethical conversations are more than simply interesting diversions or a way to arrive at the right answer. Instead, they should be understood also as effective tools for Christians to use in various ways. They are tools for discipleship, training and evangelism, and can add extra dimensions to how we study the Bible and meet together.

This book is divided into two parts. The first section provides a general overview of approaches to ethics. In order to be able to have good discussions about ethics, we need to start by understanding our own and other people’s ethical ideas. The second section turns to ways of using ethics as a tool in Christian life. This includes some very practical ideas about using these ethical skills in ways that enrich and challenge in a variety of settings.

‘What an important topic, and what a useful book! We cannot live for God without ethics, nor can we engage with our rapidly changing world, nor explain Christianity, without tackling ethical issues. This is a very useful and accessible place to start. Justin not only explains the issues, but also gives practical advice for thinking, discussion and action.’
Peter Adam, Principal Ridley Melbourne

‘This remarkable book is unlike any other on ethics. Reading it won’t make you a better person; it won’t even tell you right from wrong. But it will give you wonderfully clear and accessible wisdom how better to understand and talk with others about how we should live.’
Robert Forsyth, Bishop of South Sydney Diocese of Sydney, Anglican Church of Australia