An Enigmatic Life: David Broughton Knox – Father of Contemporary Sydney Anglicanism

Marcia Cameron


David Broughton Knox, principal of Moore College, Sydney from 1959–1985, remains a major influence in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney a decade after his death. Broughton Knox presided over the training of more than a thousand students, who have changed the nature of Evangelical Anglicanism in Sydney. Among his achievements are the raising of academic standards at Moore College and shaping its curriculum, the purchase of strategic real estate that has enabled Moore to grow, and the growth of its library into the largest theological collection in Australia.

A dearly loved husband, and to many a wise and approachable mentor, counsellor and friend, he was nonetheless a controversial figure in college and diocesan affairs. Marcia Cameron provides us with a fascinating insight into both the domestic and public life of Broughton Knox, demonstrating the considerable achievements of this enigmatic man who inspired such a wide range of reactions in others.