A Better Way to Live: 52 Studies in Proverbs and Psalms

Graham Hooper



New! Extracts from A Better Way to Live, read by the author




1. Wisdom for the Everyday
4. The Value of Wisdom
17. Golden Silence
30. Understanding Ourselves
42. Searching for Wholeness
51. Sleeping Peacefully at Night

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In A Better Way to Live, Graham Hooper shares his love for the Old Testament books of Proverbs and Psalms, opening up their truth and wisdom in a fresh way. Together these books of Scripture reveal a beautiful picture of godly living, showing us what wisdom and integrity look like when faith is tested in the pressures of daily life and work.

In 52 practical and insightful studies, Graham Hooper cuts through the bleak emptiness of secular materialism and helps us grasp the authentic and attractive alternative presented in Proverbs and Psalms – a better way to live.

About the author

Graham Hooper is a consultant and former Senior Executive with a global infrastructure company, and has worked in more than 20 countries. He became a Christian in his early twenties while working in a game reserve in southern Tanzania. Graham speaks and writes regularly on matters relating Christian faith to daily life. His first book, Undivided: Closing the faith–life gap, was published by IVP in 2013.



On Sunday 10 June 2018, Graham Hooper spoke on Robert Martin’s program, ‘Bigger Questions’, on Melbourne’s 89.9 Light FM. To read a transcript of ‘Does the Bible Really Provide a Better Way to Live’, follow this link. To listen, locate the link to download the MP3 file at the end of the transcript.