A Better Way to Live: 52 Studies in Proverbs and Psalms

Graham Hooper



New! Extracts from A Better Way to Live, read by the author




1. Wisdom for the Everyday
4. The Value of Wisdom
17. Golden Silence
30. Understanding Ourselves
42. Searching for Wholeness
51. Sleeping Peacefully at Night

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In A Better Way to Live, Graham Hooper shares his love for the Old Testament books of Proverbs and Psalms, opening up their truth and wisdom in a fresh way. Together these books of Scripture reveal a beautiful picture of godly living, showing us what wisdom and integrity look like when faith is tested in the pressures of daily life and work.

In 52 practical and insightful studies, Graham Hooper cuts through the bleak emptiness of secular materialism and helps us grasp the authentic and attractive alternative presented in Proverbs and Psalms – a better way to live.

About the author

Graham Hooper is a consultant and former Senior Executive with a global infrastructure company, and has worked in more than 20 countries. He became a Christian in his early twenties while working in a game reserve in southern Tanzania. Graham speaks and writes regularly on matters relating Christian faith to daily life. His first book, Undivided: Closing the faith–life gap, was published by IVP in 2013.



On Sunday 10 June 2018, Graham Hooper spoke on Robert Martin’s program, ‘Bigger Questions’, on Melbourne’s 89.9 Light FM. To read a transcript of ‘Does the Bible Really Provide a Better Way to Live’, follow this link. To listen, locate the link to download the MP3 file at the end of the transcript.



To read Kara Martin’s review of Graham Hooper’s book, follow this link.

Kara Martin is Project Leader with Seed, and is an avid reader and book group attendee. Kara also lectures at Mary Andrews College and Excelsia College.

To read Andrew’s review of Graham Hooper’s book, follow this link.

Andrew Laird is the director of Life @ Work, an initiative of City Bible Forum, Melbourne. Andrew has a background in radio journalism, holding degrees in media and theology. He is the Dean of the Marketplace Institute at Ridley College. He is currently undertaking research for a Masters thesis in missional ethics. He lives in Melbourne’s south with his wife and two young children.



‘A very helpful devotion from Psalms and Proverbs written for the busy person seeking to follow Christ at home and in the workplace. These devotions combine beautifully an understanding of the text with well needed and everyday practical applications. When you read this book you will see there is no place for Sunday Christians. In 52 short devotions, Psalms and Proverbs are opened to us in fresh ways that speak into our daily lives. It shows us another way to live in our homes and work places, as wise and godly followers of Christ.’

Peter Rodgers
Federal Secretary, CMS Australia
‘In a world of full of information we need wisdom. Wisdom to know how we should live as God’s people with hope for ourselves and our world.  Hooper offers us “A Better Way to Live”, not with self-help promises, but by rediscovering timeless truths of the Wisdom literature.’

Rob Hay
Principal Redcliffe College, Gloucester UK

‘Full of distilled wisdom, A Better Way to Live helps us see the good, practical, accessible and relevant lessons we can put into practice in our job, community, families, personal lives and churches. It is grounded in the truth we learn in the Bible and the realities of our ordinary human lives.’

Peter Adam
Vicar Emeritus of St Jude’s Carlton, and former Principal of Ridley College

A Better Way to Live  zeroes in on the centre piece of the wisdom literature of the Old Testament – Psalms and Proverbs. Practical yet reflective,  Graham equips the reader to access and apply wisdom gleaned from these two key books of the Old Testament. I am sure you will be encouraged, inspired and challenged as you read and consider Graham’s contemporary application, for everyday living, of Psalms and Proverbs.’

Liam Glover
Executive Director, Arrow Leadership

‘Whoosh. Energetic, refreshing, rich in wisdom and compelling in application, Graham Hooper’s book displays a joyous ability to zoom into the heart of a proverb or psalm, zoom out to connect it to the wider witness of the Bible, and then pan across the centuries to our twenty-first century context and explore its implications for discipleship and mission with acuity and compassion, historic and contemporary examples, and his own wide-ranging life experience. Enjoy.’

Mark Greene
Executive Director, The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

‘Here is a book written from the perspective of the individual in the world of work and business seeking to understand what it means to live out a Christian life. Graham Hooper engages the reader in God’s word and gives us the chance to reflect on these truths from the perspective of the workplace, where most people spend the majority of their time. This book, with a devotional edge, with help your faith influence your world.’

Karl Faase
Chief Executive Officer, Olivetree Media

‘Don’t buy this book if you want a fast read! A Better Way to Live must be savoured. Graham Hooper takes us on a very practical and spiritual journey into the heart of who we really are and how we should live. Although I have been reading Proverbs and Psalms regularly for over fifty years, I was forced to slow down and embrace a deeper understanding of the true nature of God at work within me.’

Willy Kotiuga
Senior Director of Strategic Studies, Montreal, Canada

‘Graham Hooper has written a wise book about the wisdom of the Bible. Biblical wisdom is not only deep, revealing the depths of our hearts and souls, but it is also very practical. As Graham says, the proverbs school our minds, the psalms comfort our hearts, and both lead us to wise action. This book is full of the richness of Graham’s experience as a Christian business executive who regularly speaks and preaches on the way our faith relates to the whole of our lives.’

Kara Martin

‘I loved this book, which takes us on a deeper journey into Proverbs and Psalms and reminds us of the access we have to God’s profound wisdom. A Better Way to Live will reignite your passion for these beautiful and poignant Scriptures.’

Emma Mullings
TV and radio presenter, singer

‘Graham Hooper’s excellent book is accessible in style, rigorous in method and highly appealing in its reflective approach. It presents something for every Christian reader: clergy, scholars and laypeople alike. The author shows how Proverbs and Psalms, written over 2500 years ago, can speak into the modern day. By bringing the past into the present, readers are reminded how they are links in the chain of salvation history, part of God’s great narrative.’

Peter Riddell
Vice Principal Academic, Melbourne School of Theology

‘A very helpful devotion from Psalms and Proverbs written for the busy person seeking to follow Christ at home and in the workplace. These devotions combine beautifully an understanding of the text with well needed and everyday practical applications. When you read this book you will see there is no place for Sunday Christians. In 52 short devotions Psalms and Proverbs is opened to us in a fresh ways that it speak into our daily lives. It shows us a better way to live in our homes and work places, as wise and godly followers of Christ.’

Revd Canon Peter Rogers
Federal Secretary
CMS Australia

A Better Way to Live beautifully illuminates how the books of Proverbs and Psalms guide us in our choices, relationships, communication, attitudes, ways of being and prayer life. Hooper’s practical reflections on these themes convict and guide us to journey with God in living the life well lived.’

Donna Shepherd
Chair, World Vision International

‘Superb! Reading A Better Way to Live has encouraged me to ‘rest by spirit’ in the Psalms and Proverbs. Graham Hooper’s questions at the end of each section caused me to slow down and read the passages to savour their rich imagery and absorb their wisdom. For anyone who wants to move from the kind of information found in self-help management books to having frameworks for discerning how to navigate business and life decisions, this book is for you.’

Wendy Simpson OAM
Chairman, Wengeo Group; Director, World Vision Australia;
Chairman, City to City Australia/Australian Centre for Faith and Work

A Better Way to Live provides a thoughtful and insightful exploration of Psalms and Proverbs for real people seeking to live God’s way in the real world. It helps us align our head and heart with God’s desires and plans for his people. The message of the book gains greater credibility because its author is someone who has lived all his life in the business world. If you would like to better become God’s person in a broken world, this is the book to read.’

John Sweetnam
Principal, Malyon College

‘Graham Hooper writes as a practitioner – one who has lived with these two books and sought to live out their lessons in the crucible of daily life. He now offers those lessons to us so that we may learn and apply them. In doing so we too will experience the fullness of life promised by these books and exemplified by the life of Hooper.’

Soo-Inn Tan
Chairman, Graceworks. Singapore

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