Beyond the Myth of Self-Esteem: Finding Fulfilment

John Smith with Coral Chamberlain


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‘John Smith exposes this pervasive Western myth for what it is – captivating but vacuous – while mapping a route to freedom. Important reading for parent, politician, educator and citizen alike.’

Sheridan Voysey, author and broadcaster

Enticing yet potentially damaging ‘myths’ about self-esteem have become so deeply entrenched in pop culture that many accept them as truth. They have infiltrated parenting, teaching, the media, celebrity culture, advertising and even religion.

Drawing on a wide range of resources and insights from his extraordinary experiences, John Smith uncovers common myths about self-esteem and explores their effects on individuals and society. To those who have come under the influence of these myths, he offers a fresh perspective on self-esteem and personal identity and the possibility of a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Beyond the Myth of Self-Esteem is essential reading if you are looking for a deeper understanding of your world. It will be of particular interest to those who have encountered unexpected obstacles along the path to living their dreams or have a lurking suspicion that there must be more to life than chasing success and spending money.

JSmith picture

John Smith at the launch of his new book Beyond the Myth of Self Esteem at Readings Carlton on 16 April 2015.  The book was launched by the host of ABC local radio’s Sunday Nights program, John Cleary. Watch the launch on YouTube here.


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Dr John Smith is an international speaker and author, pastor, social scientist and commentator. He is the founder of the welfare and advocacy organisation Concern Australia, the Values4Life high school seminar program, and the multinational God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Clubs.



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