Choices : One Person’s Journey out of Homosexuality

Christopher Keane


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My aim in writing this book is to tell how I broke with a sexually active homosexual life, as well as the process of change I experienced after I left that life.

I wasn’t seeking change; I wouldn’t have thought change was possible until it began to happen in me. My experience has been that, as what I consider to be contributing factors of my homosexual condition were dealt with, a significant measure of change occurred in my sexuality. I am not saying this happens for all, but it has happened for me.

Over time many people have asked me how they can best help other Christians who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction. So as well as my own story, I have included information about what one can do if they have a homosexual friend or relative.

My hope and prayer is that as you read this book you will clearly see the love, the gentleness, and the incredibly caring way in which God has worked in my life – a life that was very broken. I offer this book a