Christ-Centred Mindfulness: Connection to Self and God

Katherine Thompson


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The practice of ‘mindfulness’ has moved from its roots in psychological therapy into the mainstream of today’s popular culture, where it is marketed as a path to health and wellbeing. A mental exercise that takes a few minutes a day seems like an easy fix to life’s problems, the perfect antidote to the frantic pace of our lives.

But does mindfulness work, and if so, how? Is it backed by scientific evidence? And given its links to Buddhist thought, can therapeutic mindfulness be practised in ways that are consistent with a Christian worldview?

In Christ-Centred Mindfulness, academic and experienced mental health social worker/counsellor Katherine Thompson addresses these questions and highlights mindfulness-related practices that have been used within the church for hundreds of years – practices that help us slow down, connect to what is happening inside ourselves and make space to listen for God’s guidance in everyday life. Dr Thompson draws on this rich tradition to present Christian mindfulness exercises that can be used to enrich our prayer lives, help us to draw near to God and grow in Christlikeness.

Whether you’re a Christian who is curious about mindfulness practice and its benefits, or you work in a counselling profession and are trying to sort through your own approach to mindfulness-based therapies, this book is for you.

Dr Katherine Thompson BA, BAppSci, BTheol, PhD, is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Member of the Australian College of Social Workers. She works in private practice with young people aged 12 to 25 years, and with missions organisations and their staff. Katherine has developed resources and offers training, debriefing and counselling for people who work cross culturally. She is a widely published Senior Research Fellow and academic who specialises in youth mental health, personality disorder and psychosis.