Confessions of a Meddlesome Economist

Ian Harper


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Ian Harper just cannot stop meddling. During his 35-year career as a high-profile economist reviewing Australia’s competition policy, Victoria’s state finances or chairing the Australian Fair Pay Commission, he has acted out of a passionate belief that economists can actually be useful.

Ian’s career has placed him at the centre of crucial debates: What is fair pay? Is the market moral? How much competition is healthy? Yet there is no trace of self-indulgence or self-congratulation as Ian tells his story; rather a thoughtful account of choices, successes and disappointments.

In Confessions of a Meddlesome Economist, the long-awaited revised and updated edition of his prize-winning book Economics for Life, Ian’s aim is the same: to illustrate the power of good economics to improve people’s material lives, and the power of the Christian faith in helping this practising economist keep a balanced perspective in his professional life.