Connecting Across Cultures: Sharing the Gospel across Cultural and Religious Boundaries

David Claydon


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In a multicultural society, Christians often feel uneasy about discussing Jesus with people from other backgrounds, fearing they will come across as arrogant or offensive. David Claydon describes how Christians can take the gospel across religious and cultural boundaries in loving, sensitive and respectful ways to develop meaningful friendships with neighbours and colleagues of different faiths.

To those wanting to understand other belief systems, this book’s fine summaries of the major world religions, their historical background, central beliefs and practices will be indispensable. The impact of history on the way outsiders view Christianity is also described. Separate chapters on each religious group provide practical advice on their customs and lifestyle and how to respect cultural sensitivities. They include the spirituality of Australian Aborigines and the New Age movement.

Dr Claydon’s principles for cross-cultural evangelism are based on listening to others in friendly, non-confrontational conversation. Local churches are advised on how they might prepare for mission before contacting and serving migrants and others in their neighbourhoods. With its study guide, this book is ideal for small groups or as the basis of a sermon series.

The appeal of Jesus of Nazareth wonderfully transcends the barriers of race, nationality and culture, so that people of every conceivable background feel drawn to him. I am sure that these excellent study materials will help many readers to commend him more effectively to others.

Dr John R. Stott, London

David’s is the most practical book of cross-cultural sensitivity that I have ever come across. I regularly recommend it to Christians interested to learn more. The book oozes David’s rich experience of cross-cultures, is a fine summary of major world religions and the most practical advice on the customs and lifestyle of other adherents. You need always to have three copies on your bookshelf; your own, one to lend and one to give away.

John Harrower, Bishop of Tasmania and former CMS missionary in Argentina


David Claydon was born in Palestine and lived his early years in Palestine and Egypt. He is an international speaker and author. His various ministries include heading up the work of Scripture Union in Australia, the South Pacific and East Asia. He was Rector of St Matthew’s, West Pennant Hills in Sydney prior to becoming the Federal Secretary of the Church Missionary Society. Currently he chairs the Australian Heads of Churches Conference which meets with politicians to inform them about the importance of maintaining a Christian heritage in Australia. David is a Canon of the Anglican Cathedrals in Cairo and in Sydney and has a continuing ministry among Arabic Churches in Sydney. A biography has been written about David and his wife Robyn, Never Alone: The Remarkable Story of David and Robyn Claydon.

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