Excellence in Leadership: Essays in Honour of Peter and Merrill Corney


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Peter and Merrill Corney spent most of their working life in one church, St Hilary’s Kew, yet they shaped the nature of church life and inspired a generation of leaders across Australia. Excellence in Leadership is a tribute to them on the occasion of Peter’s 80th birthday.

Following an introduction by Stephen Hale, Denise Cooper-Clarke outlines the stories of the Corney’s lives and Paul Perini describes what it is like to follow after a great leader. The next eleven chapters each deal with a specific area of ministry, and the authors were asked to answer two questions: what was the unique contribution of Peter and Merrill in this area, and what are the issues faced in this area of ministry today?

The areas covered are evangelism (Stephen Abbott), raising up and releasing leaders (Karl Faase), engaging children and families (Sue Bluett), women in leadership (Tracy Lauersen), youth ministry (Peter Carolane), preaching (Anthea McCall), creativity (Russell Lloyd), pastoral care (Steve Webster), justice and mercy (Deb Storie), connecting with our culture (David Fuller) and cross-generational ministry (Mark McDonald).

Peter and Merrill’s passion for an authentic Christian life that witnesses to the gospel in thought, word and deed shines through each essay, as well as the great love and esteem in which they are held.