Fragments of Home: Piecing Life Together after Childhood Sexual Abuse

Monique Lisbon


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This book is more than just a record of one person’s path towards healing from sexual abuse. It journals the tough, disciplined task of self-exploration and deep reflection where the anxiety of doubt and even the threat of death are frequent companions.

We witness the complex and fragile patters of a relationship with God presented in such a way that those who have been through similar experiences will recognise it as a story of redemption, courage, and hope.

There is no slick ‘God-talk’, no easily found (and just as easily lost) grip on spiritual insights. This is a realistic story of a faith that now settles down for the long haul, and know it is OK to be on the road.

Revd Dr Alan Niven, Vice Principal and Head of Pastoral Studies, Churches of Christ Theological College, Victoria, Australia.

This book is a beautifully and sensitively written detailed account of Monique Lisbon’s personal struggle with the ongoing harmful effects of sexual and psychological abuse by her father. It will be of particular interest to counsellors and therapists working with adult survivors of childhood abuse.

Prof. Freda Briggs, AO, Emeritus Professor in Child Development, University of South Australia, Magill Campus, SA, Australia.

It is both a joy and sacred privilege to be invited into Monique Lisbon’s story of hope and healing. I have long admired her courage in sharing her personal story through writing this book, as well as through her music and public speaking ministries. Monique gives voice to experiences that all too often remain shrouded in secrecy and silence but constitute the lived reality of many survivors of abuse.

Dr Fiona D. Hill, Author of PhD Thesis, Disarming the Bible-bashers: Claiming the Bible for Australian Abuse Survivors, Victoria, Australia.

From The North Coast Anglican – February/March 2011

Do I really want to read another book on Childhood sexual abuse was my first thought on receiving Monique Lisbon’s new offering on the subject.

That viewpoint was rapidly changed as I became engrossed in the brutal honesty of Monique’s reminiscences of the trauma and the long period of ongoing recovery.

I found the first hand experiences of her recovery disturbing, to say the least.

I initially thought that this was a work of fiction but as the book progressed it becomes very clear that this is reality.

This is not a book that is a how to in any manner; it is rather a book that gives a deeper insight into the mess that is left behind following abuse.

I enjoyed the reflections that Monique makes at the end of each chapter, it brings meaning and hope for those who are involved.

I suspect that the clarity with which the author writes has given me insight into anothers suffering and how I might manage, knowing the little I know now, should I have to minister to a similar victim.

I also suspect that the writing is a form of therapy for Monique.

I must admit that I have not listened to the complimentary CD of the songs that start each section which comes with the book.

I feel certain that they too will grant me further insight into the author’s soul.

Highly recommended read for all those concerned with sexual abuse and recovery from it.

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