I, You and Us: Creating a Loving, Lasting Marriage

Shirley Goldsworthy


The service, setting, and surroundings for a wedding are planned with a lot of thought so that a couple’s very special day will hold happy and lasting memories. Whether in the atmosphere of a beautiful church or a romantic outdoor setting, the choice of a religious celebrant with a Christian marriage service provides particular meaning for couples when they make their marriage vows. This book focuses on the ‘how to’ of relating to help couples to keep their vows.

Whether couples choose to live together or not before marriage, or whether they are contemplating marriage or are already married, they will find this book helpful in identifying the strengths and the more fragile areas of their relationship. Its resources and practical skills will assist them to build on their strengths and strengthen their weaker areas.

There is no one particular way to build a satisfying relationship, as what works for one couple may not work for another. Each couple needs to find their own comfortable and creative way to relate.

This book is written for couples that are contemplating marriage, engaged, being remarried, renewing their marriage vows, or desiring to enrich their marriage.

It is designed to be a valuable resource for clergy and those who work with couples, individually or in a small group, to help them build a lasting relationship. The book would be a useful addition to the Focus and Prepare-Enrich marriage preparation programs, as it focuses on practical information, ideas and relationship skills. It is not intended for couples who are experiencing problems that require professional counselling.


Following her career in nursing, Shirley Goldsworthy graduated as a psychologist in 1982. She has gained extensive experience as a Counselling Psychologist in private practice. Shirley is a member of the Australian Psychological Society, her speciality being Relationship Counselling. For 25 years, with her husband, John, she has also conducted Marriage Education and Enrichment Workshops in Melbourne.