Leon Morris


Jesus brings together into a few, easily read pages the basic knowledge of Jesus from the Gospels and reflects on its meaning. It can be read with profit by Christians and by others who want to know more about Jesus and his significance.

This book is a short account which deals with the main topics found in the Gospels. It has simply drawn attention to some of the important things Jesus did and some of the important things he taught.

Dr Leon Morris is a widely respected Bible scholar and lecturer. He is also one of Australia’s best authors, with nearly 2 million of his 40 or more books in print. These include commentaries on the Gospels of Matthew, Luke and John, as well as on many other books of the New Testament. He has been a science teacher in Sydney, a bush parson in the huge parish of Minnipa in South Australia, the warden of a research library in Cambridge, England, and the Principal of Ridley College in the University of Melbourne.

For those who wish an overall view of what the Gospels of the New Testament say about Jesus and for those who may be seeking either as followers or inquirers to come to a greater understanding of him, this is a very valuable work.

Harry Goodhew, Archbishop of Sydney


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