Journey : Reflecting on the Christian Way

Lydia Saunders


This beautifully presented book is designed as a workbook for those beginning or wanting to continue their Christian Journey. For many this will follow Baptism or Confirmation. The book will also prove invaluable to others who have reached a point in their lives where they feel compelled to reflect on where they have come on the Way and on where God may now be taking them.

Designed around a 31-day format, the book contains exercises to assist this process, along with the author’s reflections on a variety of themes. These can be returned to again and again. Questions are asked and Bible readings suggested, aiming to encourage readers to live life in the fullest possible way. It speaks directly to those who want to allow the Scriptures to shape them, giving opportunity to learn, grow, engage and stretch both themselves and others around them. The worship of God in their lives is assisted by the wonderful resources of the Anglican Church’s A Prayer Book for Australia.

Whether readers have little or much time available, Journey: Reflecting on the Christian Way will reward them well. To record insights, lines are provided on each page with additional pages at the back of the book. By dating comments, and later returning to them, readers are assisted to recognise that God is present, helping to change who they are as they grow in faith.

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