Location, Location, Location: Heaven – One Preacher’s Guide to Holy Living

Clive Brook


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How do we keep the same perspective as our Father in heaven in the midst of everyday life and its challenges? He asks us to be holy as he is holy, but what does holy living look like for regular folk?

Clive Brook has a heart for the ordinary Australian and a vision for extraordinary Christian living. Known as a gifted preacher and a man of prayer and deep pastoral warmth, Clive Brook’s sermons have inspired many during his years of ministry in the urban and outback parishes of North Queensland. Now collated in this captivating book, Location, Location, Location: Heaven, these homilies can speak to a wider audience. Whether we are wondering about faith and forgiveness or struggling with drought, doubt and debt, Clive Brook’s engaging words and knack for storytelling lift our eyes heavenward.

Location, Location, Location: Heaven provides a vision for holy living that speaks to the hearts of Australian Christians.


Like Jesus, who took everyday articles and remoulded them into instruments of teaching and inspiration, so too Clive crafts everyday life into teaching challenges for us … May God bless you as you soak in the words, images and challenges Clive presents before you.

Barry Cox, Presbytery Minister Administration

You can sense the breadth of experience lovingly distilled and served up in these pithy sermons. Savour and enjoy them!

Simon Hattrell, Coordinator, Anglican Bishop’s Certificate in Theology and Ministry in the Diocese of Tasmania

These sermons are a joy to read. There is nothing pretentious; there is no self-seeking glory, only simple, down-to-earth, God-filled wisdom and revelation.

Paul Smith, Missionary and ministry leader, YWAM

I have endorsed this book of sermons as I had the privilege of working with Clive, when he was and still is part of the ministry team that I led in a vibrant parish in Townsville. If Clive was down to preach, I observed that he had the habit of always printing out the readings and reflecting on them all through the week, an exercise that many preachers would do well to emulate. I knew Clive as a man of prayer and deep pastoral warmth, who was alert to what was going on in the society around him. His sermons always reflected those commitments, which he has maintained over fifty years of ordained ministry in the Anglican Church in country and urban parishes, as well as a stint in Bamaga, Cape York, among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. You can sense that breadth of experience lovingly distilled and served up in these pithy sermons. Savour and enjoy them as they warm your heart, encouraging you in your walk with God.

Simon Hattrell
Anglican Priest and former principal of Tabor College, Tasmania.


Is this a slim and captivating book a “cheat sheet” to a wide range of sermons for the liturgical year? It certainly has that potential advantage, in that it provides a framework for preaching in the form of these notes with their depth of Scriptural understanding and their Aussie-flavoured anecdotes. More than that, however, they also provide excellent fodder for thought in small groups and Bible studies. My favourite section is ‘The Bronze Snake – Look Up!’ where the levels of personal belief in society are outlined.

Author biography

Born at Nagambie, Victoria, in 1937, Clive Edward Brook grew up on a sheep farm and still considers himself to be a shepherd at heart.

He was trained for the Anglican ministry by The Society of the Sacred Mission at St Michael’s House, South Australia. He holds a Licentiate of Theology and acquired further ministry skills through Anglican Renewal Ministry and the Anne White School of Prayer Counselling.

Ordained a priest in 1965 and serving for over fifty years, the Reverend Clive Brook has ministered in rural parishes, provincial cities and indigenous communities throughout Queensland: as Assistant Curate in Gympie and Roma, as Vicar of Wondai, Rector of Noosa, Vicar of West Bundaberg and also as Priest-in-Charge at Bamaga, where he gained extensive experience across the Torres Strait.

Counselling and healing have been marks of his ministry.

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