Memoirs of a Loose Canon

Stuart B Babbage


Always forthright and at the interface of church and the world, Stuart Barton Babbage AM is frank about his shortcomings and perceptive and observant in his recollections of personal, local and world events. His exuberant personality, sense of the ridiculous and deep faith is writ large in this entertaining and penetrating biography. Dean of both Sydney and Melbourne and head of Colleges in both cities, he has also worked in New Zealand, England, the Middle East and the United States.

‘It has been a great blessing for me for more than fifty years to have had such a mentor in the message of the Gospels. I welcome this book. It gives a glimpse of the whimsy, irony, intelligence and kindliness that all his friends know. Those friends, like me, will continue to speak of him all their days. When his image and his voice swim into our minds, our hearts will always be lifted, our spirits enriched and our Faith strengthened. When he appears in person (as he did in my Chambers a few weeks back) we still have to be on our toes. Fifty years evaporates. And I am still his pupil and now can learn from this story of his life.’
Justice Michael Kirby, AC CMG

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