Please! No More Boring Sermons: Preaching for Australians – Contemporary Insights and Practical Aspects

Please note that the printed version of this book is no longer available to purchase through this website. It is, however, still in print. If you would like to find out how to obtain a copy of this book, please contact Dr Rhys Bezzant (; P: [+613] 9207 4800 ext 921; M: [+61] 0414 650 863).

Ten Preachers and teachers share contemporary insights and practical help for sermon preparation and delivery.

Peter Adam, John Chapman, Richard Condie, John Dickson, Harry Goodhew, Michael Gourlay, Adrian Lane, Robin Payne, Keith Rayner, David Williams.

Not another book about preaching! As preparation for preaching is a solitary, time-consuming and responsible activity, no experienced preacher would buy such a book unless it contained different, contemporary and practical advice and, as illustration of this, some real sermons already preached to real congregations with no thought of publicatio