The Old Testament on the Way to the Cross: Reflections for Each Day of Lent and for Other Times

John Wilson


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The Old Testament on the Way to the Cross provides a helpful introduction to ways in which the Old Testament relates to the New. This is an improved format of studies which sold 10,000 copies when first published in 1994.

This book consists of 49 studies (one per day for seven weeks). At the end of each week of studies there is a series of Group Discussion Questions – ideal for further personal reflection or group discussions.

Dr John W. Wilson lectured in the Old Testament and Hebrew at Ridley College, Melbourne for 13 years before serving as Bishop of the Southern Region in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne for the next 22 years. He is a graduate of London, Yale and Duke Universities and the author of several books. In 2010 he published the major study, Christianity alongside Islam, which has been the subject of many enthusiastic reviews.

By means of these brief reflections he aims to introduce its rich teachings to those who feel intimidated by the Old Testament and to show its spiritual and practical worth for Christians today.

“Bishop John Wilson gives a fresh view of the Old Testament, drawing together the life of Christ, the Scriptures and their practical application to Christian living. Bishop Wilson’s love for the Old Testament is obvious in these studies. He writes with insight and clarity. I gladly commend these Lenten Studies to the Australian Church.”

Dr Keith Rayner AO
Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia


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