The Ten Commandments and Ethics Today

Scott Cowdell


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For many, the Ten Commandments are remembered as a list of dos and don’ts.  Their content may be unknown and, in today’s morally relativistic society, they are no longer the rule for living or the basis of moral and ethical decisions. But what do we do when we need to make a decision about what is right and wrong?

Dr Cowdell shows that the Ten Commandments are surprisingly relevant to today’s morally complex world, giving us ‘rules for living’ as part of a larger, richer vision of who God is and who God is calling us to be.

This book takes a fresh look at the Ten Commandments. It sets out to ‘rediscover’ them, exploring their strength as an ethical code grounded in God’s wider purposes for Israel and the Christian church.

These reflections are practical, insightful and accessible to a wide readership. They come with questions for personal reflection or else group discussion that have been tested in practice, making The Ten Commandments and Ethics Today an ideal resource for the individual Christian reader, Bible Study group or Religious Instruction class.

Scott Cowdell is an Associate Professor at Charles Sturt University, holding a Research Fellowship in Public and Contextual Theology and teaching at St Mark’s National Theological Centre. Ordained for twenty-one years, he has been a parish priest, head of a theological college, and is currently Canon Theologian of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn. He is married to a senior Government lawyer and lives in Canberra.

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