Thriving in Another Culture: A Handbook for Cross-cultural Missions

Jo Anne Dennett

Thriving in Another Culture contains clear guidelines for Christians intending to live and serve effectively in another culture. It is suitable for short term workers, ‘tentmakers’ and as a helpful reference for missionaries already in the field. Invaluable also for those involved in selecting, sending and caring for missionaries. The clear language makes it a useful text for those to whom English is a second language.


Jo Anne Dennett fulfilled a lifetime dream of becoming a medical missionary when she went to Somali Republic in 1960. She ran a hospital among Muslim people, where Christian witnessing led to the salvation and discipling of a few converts before she and others were expelled in 1972. Jo Anne moved to the mission headquarters in Ethiopia where she was responsible for care of the missionaries and their children at Bingham Academy.

Later, Jo Anne married an Australian, Bill Dennett, in 1973. You can read the full story in the book, Unusual Marriage, and learn how the Lord helped Jo Anne and Bill to adjust and have fruitful ministries together.


‘Your book comes at exactly the right time. Even the outline is a help! I have been asked to prepare some courses for the Southern Baptist Convention for use with their missionaries to promote spiritual growth. I thank you for sending the book along.   When I get to really working through your book, I will send  a recommendation for it to some of the key staff here at CIU.’  (Dr R. McQuilklin, Columbia International University, USA.)

‘I want to congratulate you on the publication of your book.  As I look at the table of contents, I echo the development of the topics, and am particularly interested in Part II `Caring for Missionaries (Guidelines for Sending Churches and Mission Agencies)’ . I will present this book to some of my colleagues in World Evangelical Fellowship, and see what can be done to distribute it on a broader range.’  (Dr William D. Taylor, WEF Missions Commission.)

‘We had a good International Candidates conference – five people, a German couple, a Brazilian nurse, a South Arican man and a Lebanese pastor. They bonded together in a wonderful way.   They seemed to appreciate your book.   It was their reading assignment. We had two sessions discussing some of the case studies. Thank you for writing such a helpful,