Woven: A Faith for the Dissatisfied


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A fish in a bowl doesn’t know that it is wet. Surrounded always by its watery environment, it knows no other reality. We, too, suffer the same. Little fishes every one of us. We are inescapably shaped in worlds not of our own making. The fishbowl of family. The fishbowl of culture. The fishbowl of church. The fishbowl of faith. Whether we realise it or not we inherit a religion, a framework for existence, a container that fits and shapes our world. A container we demand to be The Truth. Yet, always and inevitably, there comes a time when that fishbowl cracks, when the safety we knew can no longer contain us, when our world crumbles and the questions arrive.

But maybe such moments in life and faith are not to be feared. Maybe, a cracked fishbowl is actually an invitation. A beckoning. A necessary movement in our spiritual and life journeys. An opening to ‘the other.’

Woven dares readers to take a fresh look at their life and spirituality, to embrace the ache of dissatisfaction, and to acknowledge the silent voice that says, ‘There must be more than this.’

About the author

Joel McKerrow is an award-winning writer, speaker, educator, creativity specialist and one of Australia’s most successful performance poets. He is the Artist Ambassador for the aid and development organisation TEAR Australia and co-founded The Centre for Poetics and Justice.

He has spent the last 17 years walking alongside young people in their quest for spiritual and identity formation and is known worldwide as an experienced practitioner and thinker in the space where creativity, personal formation and social justice intersect.

Joel loves to carve wood in his spare time and, with his wife and two kids, is a member of Eastern Hills Community Church in Melbourne.