The Birthday Card

Bruce L. Park’s moving portrait of a father’s grief, available as an exclusive eBook from Acorn Press.

The Birthday Card: Snapshots of a Man’s Grief by Bruce L. Park (available here as an ebook) has just been reviewed by Lesley Hicks for The Bible Society Eternity News.
A Grief Observed, CS Lewis’ unflinching account of grappling with grief in the loss of his wife, showed how deeply loss can shake the faith even of the strongest believer. Here is another grief observed; here too faith is battered but not broken. Bruce Park in The Birthday Card records with eloquence and honesty these snapshot episodes of his grief when a workplace accident killed his son Nathan.”

The Birthday Card has also just been reviewed by Lindy Mulherin for St Jude’s News:
“In his introduction to The Birthday Card, Bruce expresses his desire that the book will encourage others to ‘live our lives…knowing that our God is with us always.’ I believe that he achieves this because in the end we are comforted by that which comforts him—his conviction that ‘all will be well’ (T.S. Eliot), based on his gently expressed but unshakeable belief that ‘the cross is the cornerstone of our faith.”